We can offer you a variety of types of course that will suit both your learning style and budget.

Not everyone studies in the same way. Some people make great strives in their learning by having access to on-line material. Others find the best learning experience through one-to-one tuition, or in a group environment.

That's why we offer a variety of ways to study.

A unique feature of our material is that we regularly update it - sometimes daily! We are right at the fore-front of new announcements as they come out that affect our course material; especially in the area of Air Law and Operational Procedures, and other hot topics such as Controlled Airspace Infringements.

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PPL(A) Courses

Take a look at the basic theoretical training courses we offer to enable you to gain your Private Pilots Licence. You can take a preview at the courses concerned, and see the amazing value for money pricing structure we offer! NOTE: The previews are LOW RESOLUTION - the actual courses are HIGH RESOLUTION.
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IMC-IR(R) Course

This course is pilots who already have a licence and wish to study for the UK Instrument Meteorological Ratings Course IMC-IR(R). We teach all of the pre-flight briefings for successful completion of the IMC-IR(R) course (our mantra is "learn on the ground, practice in the air"). You will also have all the necessary knowledge and techniques required to pass the IMC-IR(R) theoretical written exam.
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Infringement Avoidance Course

Get first-class knowledge aquisition before undertaking the NATS/CAA official online infringement test if you have been unfortunate enough to be invited to take is as a result of infringing controlled airspace. But why wait? Be PROACTIVE and undetake this training course that gives you all the information, clues, and best practices you need not to infringe in the first place!
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Night Rating Course

For those pilot who wish to add a Night Rating to their licence, this course has been especially designed to allow you to brush up on the rules, regulations and operational procedures you must become familiar with. This is also an excellent course for those pilots already with a night rating to get themselves up to speed with the regulation changes in this area to ensure they remain legal!
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PPL Updater Course

For existing pilots who wish to be brought back up to speed with changes in legislation, procedures and best practices. This incredibly practical course will do just that - right in the comfort of your own environment!
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Other ways to learn

We have a variety of other options to suit your learning needs. Feel free to explore these and then Contact Us for further details.
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If you want to know the best order to study the material, and the best exam strategy,  we suggest you see our How to Study page.

You will need to finish your study and exams within certain constraints. See our Requirements pages for more information.

If there is anything unclear in any of our study options, please contact us.